Week of December 13

Dear Church Family,
Just a reminder of some upcoming events:
  • Caroling: Our church Christmas caroling will take place on Saturday, December 19, at 2:00pm. We’ll meet at the church, and then walk through our neighborhood, stopping at homes to sing and invite them to our services on Sunday.
  • Pastor’s Open House: Alicia and I will be hosting our annual open house at the parsonage at 1:30pm on December 20. Those who wish to bring snacks should talk to Alicia to let her know.
  • Christmas EveOur annual Christmas Eveservice will be at 6:00pm on Thursday, December 24. Plan to join us as we sing and rejoice at the Incarnation of our Lord.

In Sunday school, we’ll hope to wrap up our current discussion on tongues and other sign and revelatory gifts by reviewing the reasons that we believe that these gifts ceased with the end of the apostolic era of the church.

In the morning service, we’re covering three different Messianic prophecies from Matthew’s Gospel. Each presents its own difficulties: two of them seem to be being used out of context (again), and one of Matthew’s references doesn’t even seem to exist in the Old Testament! While we’ll take some time to work through the details of the text, we’ll keep our attention on Matthew’s chief point: that in the Incarnation, the perfect Son of God allows himself to be subjected to the evils of this cursed world. And he does this so that we can be set free and the creation can be redeemed.

In the afternoon service, we’ll take questions and discuss our constitution.

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This Week
  • Sunday School
    The Day of Pentecost (Acts 2)
  • Morning Service
    He Would Be Called a Nazarene (Matthew2:13–23)
  • Afternoon Service
    Church Constitution