Our Mission

The mission of Calvary Baptist Church is expressed in our slogan, “From the Word of God. For the Worship of God.”

As our Lord has taught us, the first and greatest commandment is uncompromised love for the one true God (Matthew 22:37-38). Similarly, Jesus told us that the Father is seeking worshipers (John 4:23). From beginning to end of Scripture, the central theme is the worship of God: the necessity to worship, the failure to worship, the restoration of worship, and the culmination in endless worship of God.

And so worship is the mission of Calvary Baptist Church. We do all that we do for the purpose of expressing to God a small portion of the infinite adoration of which he alone is worthy.

But how can we know the God we worship? If our worship is going to be more than a frenzy of unguided feelings, it must be grounded in truth. And God’s clearest revelation of truth is in his inspired and authoritative written Word.

Therefore, to pursue our mission of worship, we turn our attention to the Word of God. Our purpose is to study the Word, understanding its meaning, and seeking the application of the Word to our hearts by the work of the Spirit. As the Spirit works by the Word, he reshapes our loves, causing us to love what God loves and to loathe the sin that provokes God.

This renewed love, then, will be expressed in our worship, as we learn to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.